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Volume 89 PG


The volume 89 of Patrologia Graeca has been reprinted and it is now available 

Patrologia Graeca

Ways to acquire Patrologia Graeca

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patrologia graeca

The most common way to acquire Patrologia Graeca is by subscribιng.In that way you can choose how many volumes you want to receive per month.That means that you choose how long it will get to complete your serie and of course your total cost will be separated in doses and your payment will be more easier.The cost for each volume is 38 euros.We can send your volumes wherever you want ( including abroad).


Special Running Offer for the persons and the institutes that are interested in acquiring the complete serie of PG: 22 euros per volume 

You can subscribe or order your serie by calling us,sending us a FAX,posting us,or by sempleting the form in our site. 

Payment methods:

1.Deposit the money in an account of National Bank of Greece

2.Online payment through Paypal using any Visa,Mastercard,American Express credit card.(PayPal account not required)

patrologia graeca


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