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Volume 99 PG


The volume 99 of Patrologia Graeca has been reprinted and it is now available

Patrologia Graeca

Ways of Acquiring Patrologia Graeca

The most common way to obtain Greek Patrology is to register as a subscriber. In this way you choose how many volumes you want us to send you per month. This way you determine the time you will need to complete the project and most importantly, you configure the cost which you will spend per month thus making the purchase much easier as it will be in installments.

The edition of Greek Patrology has now been completed by our publishing house, which means that you can obtain the entire series immediately. We must note, of course, that from time to time there will be out-of-print volumes which will of course be reprinted and sent normally immediately after reprinting to completing the project. The price of each volume of the series is 38 euros. Because this work is considered special in terms of linguistic form and is multi-volume, two offers are made for those who wish to acquire the entire series.

a) For ecclesiastical institutions, each volume is offered at 28 euros

b) For natural persons, the offer price is 25 euros

Also, in the case of the purchase of the entire series, there is the desire and the good mood of those in charge to facilitate the repayment of the cost in installments on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, the price of 38 euros applies to legal entities and to the purchase of individual volumes. each volume is 38 euros plus shipping costs. The shipment can be made anywhere (even abroad) by post. You can also get the volumes from our head offices (Patesion 5), while the delivery within Attica is made free of charge by our own person after consultation. The registration and the application to acquire the Greek Patrologia J.-P Migne is done by phone, by FAX, by letter, by visiting the offices of our Publishing House or by filling out the contact form available on our website.

Payment methods:

  1. By depositing the money into a bank account at the National Bank.
  2. Cash on delivery for shipping within Greece
  3. Online payment with the security offered by PayPal using a Visa,Mastercard,American Express credit card.(You do not need to have a PayPal account)
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